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Leading The Growth of Indian Apparel Industry

The Clothing Manufacturers Association Of India (CMAI) is the pioneer and most representative Association of the Indian apparel industry for over four decades. It has a membership base of over 20,000 companies, including Readymade Garment Manufacturers, Exporters, Retailers and Ancillary Industry. With its headquarter in Mumbai, CMAI also has branches in New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune.

The Association acts as a catalyst of change in the industry by interacting with the Government on matters of policies that impact the future of apparel industry. Representing the industry''s viewpoint in matters like Sales Tax, VAT etc. for the Domestic Sector and Exim Policy, procedures etc. for the Export Sector are important amongst such issues. The Association also Guides its Members on compliance with various Government Regulations.

Amongst CMAIs major achievement for the industry is its immense contribution and lead role in the creation of the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) way back in 1978. AEPC today regulates the promotion of entire Garment Exports from India.

Taking initiative way back in 1982 to establish National Garment Fair & Regional Garment Fairs to connect domestic garment manufacturers with retailers, distributors and agents across the country is another major contribution of CMAI. Being the largest conglomeration of Retailers and Manufacturers, it serves as a single sourcing destination thereby infusing efficiency of time and cost into the supply chain. These Fairs have today not only become the most important annual trade events for the Indian Apparel Industry''s domestic market, but have substantially contributed to the rapid growth of the overall market size.

CMAI has been authorised by the Government of India to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) to Exporters.

Apparel - The official magazine of CMAI is one of the leading monthly trade magazines containing industry news, articles on topical issues and in-depth analysis is also published by CMAI Excellence in the Export and Domestic sectors of the industry is recognised by CMAI through its annual Apex Awards, the National Awards for Excellence in Apparel.

Today, CMAI is the only Indian Association that represents the entire Indian Apparel Industry & Trade on prestigious international forums such as International Apparel Federation headquartered in Netherlands and Asian Apparel Federation headquartered in China.


One Visitor representing One Retail Store will be issued One Fair Directory and One Visitor’s Badge at a cost of Rs. 200.00

Two Visitors representing One Retail Store will be issued One Fair Directory and Two Visitor’s Badge at a cost of Rs. 300.00 Every Additional Visitor from the same Retail Store will be issued One Fair Directory and One Visitor’s Badge at an additional cost of Rs. 200.00


The Association has Introduced Online Registration to Facilitate Visitors to Pre-Register to enable a smooth Entry to the Fair. Visitors are requested to visit CMAI’s Website and complete the Online Registration Process.


Registration Counters will be open from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. on all Two Days. This Pre-Barcoded Registration Form is being sent in order to speed up your Registration Process and save valuable time. Please bring this Pre-Barcoded Registration Form with you to the Fair.


Visitors can avail of a Courtesy Shuttle Bus Service TO and FROM Goregaon (E) Railway Station and the Fair Grounds between 10.00 a.m and 8.00 p.m on all Two Days.


For instant Registration, please bring the Pre-Barcoded Form along with you for Registration at the Fair. This Form will be scanned for giving you the Visitor’s Badges.

No Duplicate Form will be Issued.

If on scrutiny any Misdeclaration or misinformation regarding the Validity of your Application / Registration is observed, the Application / Registration will stand automatically Cancelled without any Refund.

  • The Badge is strictly for personal use only and is not Transferable

  • The Badge is not Valid for Entry if it is torn or disfigured.

  • Children below age of 18 years and Infants in arms are strictly not allowed inside the Exhibition Area

  • The Right of Admission are reserved with the Organizers

  • The Organizers reserve the right to frisk the Badge Holders at the Entrances and Exhibition Venue for Security reasons your co-operation is solicited

  • The Badge must be worn and displayed prominently at all times during your stay in the Exhibition Area.

  • Photography is Strictly Prohibited at the 64th National Garment Fair

  • The Organizers do not take responsibility for any Loss or Theft of any personal belongings.

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